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POSITION: Academic Intervention Specialist

                     Contract Tutor Required Specialties: dyslexia, dysgraphia 

                                                             Additional Desired Specialties: executive function, dyscalculia


This position is for a remote academic interventionist: a therapeutic tutor for students who benefit from structured teaching, most often dyslexia.  It is best suited to those who enjoy weaving together multiple Orton Gillingham methods to create the most effective program for each student's neurobiological needs.  Our tutors desire to hone their skills, always thirsting for knowledge regarding current best practices.  Pinnacle Education tutors do not use a curriculum program.   All lessons are delivered in an explicit, structured, sequential, format using an Orton Gillingham teaching method. 


This job is best suited to those who enjoy managing their own clients, but not finding referrals nor running their own business.

If you desire your own business, then this is not the best match for you. 


We only hire tutors with OG method training in addition to Wired for Reading and Barton, preferred training includes OG, Slingerland, LMB Visualizing and Verbalizing as well as a structured, sequential writing program which focuses on syntax and paragraphs. (There are too many excellent trainings to list.)

*  Orton-Gillingham based training which includes a practicum greater than 100 hours and direct feedback from instructors

*  WELL versed in Google drive, including: document sharing, Google forms usage, commenting features, spreadsheet

     formatting, and google chat usage

*  Experience tutoring elementary and/or middle-high school language (reading and writing) as well as OG based math

*  Neuropsychology test familiarity: so as to read the evaluations with deep understanding and inform instructional methods

*  Experience with school district 504, and IEP process

*  Exceptionally flexible ability to meet a students academic and emotional needs

*  Deep understanding of the structuring of reading, writing, spelling

*  Familiarity with current research regarding structured reading and writing techniques

*  Exceptional written and oral communication skills 

*  Extensive previous experience conducting online lessons

*  Extensive experience with zoom and multiple websites tools which enhance the interactivity of the tutor and student

*  A strong desire to meet the clients needs from beginning (intake process, assessment, program planning) to the end (lesson delivery, progress monitoring, to transitioning/graduation from services) - While PES takes care of the money and "tricky situations" which may arise, we provide our parents with one point of contact from beginning to end (the tutor) to build strong bonds and deep understanding between families and their service providers. 

This position REQUIRES exceptional written communication skills (clear and concise) and meticulous documentation habits.

If you lean towards a disdain for record keeping, then this is not the best match for you.


The majority of our clients seek help with reading, writing, or spelling, and sometimes math. As our students often come with a diagnosis, tutors MUST be experienced with a variety of learning profiles: dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, autism spectrum, ADHD, anxiety, depression, exceptional IQ and how those are taught when coexisting.


Pay: $40.00 - $65.00 per hour

Our tutors are highly skilled at their profession and their pay reflects that level of ability. Pay scale increases as tutors: become more proficient at meeting a variety of needs, independently manage clients, independently follow PES protocols, increase their client load and gain seniority.  Entrance pay continues through the first year while receiving extensive mentoring. Upon first annual review tutors may receive a significant increase in pay rate.  Tutors can expect a more typical pay increase (commensurate with COL raise) plus some additional increase based upon subsequent annual reviews. 

Tutors are paid monthly, per lesson delivered as a contracted worker. Pay begins after a short training. First paycheck is provided after the first full month of delivering lessons. Example - If your first months of lessons is January, then your first check is delivered by February 10th for the lessons delivered in January.


Schedule:  We are offering two contract options each with their own pay scales.  Tutors set their own schedule, as contracted workers, and work as many hours as desired. 

Contract #1   

- 8   or more lesson hours reserved for PES students per week 

- afternoon hours to be discussed 

Contract #2 

- 15  or more lesson hours reserved for PES students per week

- 6 weekday afternoon hours required

- higher pay scale

 Schedule Guidelines

     1) Reserve either 8+ or 15+ client contact hours per week

     2) Monday - Friday reserved hours fall within 7-9am and 3-8pm, outside of school hours 

     3) Reserved hours are evenly spread throughout the week to provide students with optimal learning

     4) Repeated lesson times through the week, example: M/W/F lessons from 3-6pm allows a student to be seen three days a

         week at the same time for each lesson

NOTE: Due to new job learning curve, many tutors find that during their first few months their actual work hours (lesson preparation, training, documentation) at least doubles the number of hours they work for PES in a given week.  Please be aware and plan accordingly.


Contract Position: As contracted workers, tutors provide their own materials: technology with exceptional webcam, hi-speed internet, preferred online tutoring subscriptions, and a quiet (distraction free) area for lessons delivery. Contracted workers also withhold their own taxes and are paid based upon completed work.


Steady work

With a waitlist, tutors enjoy a consistent stream of intakes.  This ensures that tutors have as many clients as they wish.  Many tutors have a waiting list before their second session ends!


Established Business

*  We provide tried and true procedures honed for over 20 years

*  All client documents  - contracts, policies, intake procedures

*  A framework for all client needs and communication - letterhead, forms, and emails 

*  PES collects and tracks payments, the tutor facilitates this process

*  PES is responsible for all business licenses, related costs, and advertisement

*  PES provides you with a professional business email account and cloud storage and a professional website profile


Whether it be consulting on a case or sharing lesson resources, professional collaboration is encouraged and commonplace.


Advancement Opportunities 

As seniority and caseload increase, additional responsibilities and payment are available.  In addition, we encourage our tutors to expand their talents and we are excited to support them in developing webinars, training, or anything they feel called to explore.  The more you stretch and grow, the more compensation is available. Internal promotions also available.  Exceptionally skilled senior tutors are promoted to master from within and are asked to take on additional responsibility and pay commensurate with such. 


Management Support

PES management handles payment issues and client challenges.  Preserving the family tutor relationship is vital, so business related issues may be passed on to management.


Professional Development 

Our practice is dedicated to helping our tutors grow and work to their highest potential.  Internal professional development is led either by our founder, Sarah Fish, or by master tutors.  Observations and feedback are often a part of our review and first six months as part of the mentoring, essentially a free practicum type experience.  Management is constantly exploring current research which is then used during our internal PD. 



Our tutors provide high quality services to our families while enjoying a collegial community of encouragement, laughter, and collaboration.  Remote tutoring can feel too independent at times, so we provide a community.    A PES group zoom is more like a group of friends chatting, though more focused, than work mates.  We truly enjoy one another. 


  1. Verification of  Orton-Gillingham practicum training by including a copy of your certificate or training information showing your training was 100+ hours in your resume. 

  2. A cover letter which states: why you have chosen Pinnacle Education, how remote tutoring suits you, and what brought you to structured literacy based instruction.

  3. A resume with a list of structured literacy certificates and trainings including length of each training.

  4. References with direct knowledge of your skills or who were in a supervisory position.


Email all application documents to 

Remote positions require exceptional written communication skills including follow written directions. 

Applications without all required documents will not be considered.  

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