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Who do we serve?  

We serve students who may fit any of the following categories, ages pre-k through adult:  

  • Language-based learning differences including:  dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia

  • Twice-exceptional: students with a learning difference as well as an above-average IQ

  • Specific Learning Disabilities

  • ADD and ADHD

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Mild developmental disabilities

  • Those not acquiring reading or writing skills as expected, or would benefit from individualized teaching


What is your commitment?  

  • A typical session (contract) spans 2–4 months, to be determined by PES. Clients commit to an entire session with set lesson dates, much like a sport practice schedule. Schedules are not customized.  

  • See policy for specifics on scheduled free lesson make-up days, offered twice a year.

  • Clients see a practitioner 2–5 times a week, family decision with recommendations from your practitioner.

  • Subsequent sessions: Contracts are offered on a seniority basis. Current client registration is opened prior to accepting new clients. 


How are student needs met?

Pinnacle Education was founded on the belief that all students secure the greatest gains with: diagnostic, explicit, structured, multi-sensory instruction delivered with high expectations and encouragement. While we follow Orton-Gillingham methods, we artfully tailor each lesson to best meet the presented needs of your child.  Our instruction is uniquely crafted to meet the neurological make-up of your child's brain. 

  • Specialists use a structured, sequential, multisensory teaching approach (Orton-Gillingham based). For specific information on your specialist's approach see their biography or ask your specialist.

  • Our tutors utilize a variety of training including, but not limited to: Orton-Gillingham, Wired for Reading, Slingerland, Wilson, Lindamood-Bell’s Visualizing and Verbalizing, and various oral language and speech pathologist techniques.

  • Informal ongoing assessment to identify needs—This is typically not in test form, but anecdotal notes and observations taken during teaching time.  Lessons are, in essence, self-assessing.

  • We are very flexible in lesson lengths and topics.  Lessons are individualized to each family’s goals and the student’s needs.  

  • Each student’s lessons are a product of a thoughtfully designed custom program for that student’s needs.


Where do our lessons occur?  

Office Lessons 

  • Enumclaw Washington

Remote Lessons

  • We have been honing remote teaching techniques for years, far before it became a necessity.  Utilizing student engagement research with screen and mouse sharing, we deliver lessons with optimal student participation. Our tutors employ interactive options to make online tutoring just as effective and multi-sensory as in person lessons.

  • Perfect for the busy family as lessons can be delivered wherever you are—home, vacation, school, on-the-go


When: Contact your specialist for current lesson time availability. 

  • Online lessons are 50–60 minutes, with in-person lessons ranging from 40–60 minutes. 

  • Lessons can be 2–5 times per week. 

  • Once a week is only rarely offered as it doesn’t provide the necessary repetition to make optimal gains.


Typical session tuition includes:

  • 40–60 minute lesson: Each lesson is tailored to your child’s predicted needs for that day. They generally consist of 5 minutes of check-in with the parents (either immediately after the lesson or in a brief message sent once a week) and the remainder of the time is spent working with the student. Your tutor will stop lessons 5 minutes before the end of your time to complete their notes and either deliver information to you, or compose a message to later send.

  • Lesson preparation time: Lessons can take up to an hour to create depending upon the research involved to meet your student’s individual needs.

  • One 20-minute phone call or email per week.

  • Progress updates are communicated informally, not in a written report (unless otherwise requested and separately billed).

  • Collaboration with classroom teachers and other service providers – This requires a signed release of information form and communication with schools is facilitated by the family.  This is part of the 20 minute weekly communications.

  • Unless extra take-home materials are requested, all materials are covered within the session price. Online lessons require families to provide some additional physical materials often including printed materials.

  • Homework is not a part of our program. Speak to your specialist for homework options which can be separately billed.

  • IEP/504 consultation: School services review available upon request and charged accordingly.


Tuition payment: 

 Click printable information to see PES policy and payment procedures in full.

  • New clients pay their first payment with Venmo and then switch to the existing client payment options

  • Existing clients may pay through automatic withdrawal (ACH) or personal check

  • Clients may pre-pay per month or per session

  • Pinnacle utilizes a tuition based payment system which averages your amount due, providing a consistent monthly payment.

  • New clients pay a deposits to reserve a lesson time.  Summer and fall also use deposit reservations.

  • Schools only pre-pay services by check.

  • Invoices may be provided for an additional fee.

“Sometimes it’s hard to know if you've found the right person to support your child. From my first conversation with Sarah, I could tell from her reassuring responses to my concern, and the plan she was creating for Annette, we were in good hands. After Annette’s sessions Sarah shared with me what they did that day, and she helped me implement simple techniques to help Annette at home. Sarah communicates very clearly which is really important to me. Sarah worked together with Annette’s therapist and nurse practitioner to ensure Annette was well supported. Investing in Annette’s confidence and success in school with PES was by far the best decision we could have made.”

Suzanne - Delighted Parent


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