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We deliver prescriptive, explicit, structured, multi-sensory lessons with high expectations and encouragement to secure academic gains. We design a custom program for each student, based upon their neurological needs.

Families who make their way to Pinnacle Education Services (PES) come in a variety of ways. For many it is a long journey, often full of frustration and tears. No matter the journey, I believe we all have the same hopes and dreams for our children and perhaps similar concerns.


Our mission at PES is to join families on their academic journey, in every student to develop their self-awareness and self-advocacy skills—the ways in which they can best communicate through reading and writing and oral language in any given situation, recognize what they need to be successful, and then explore ways to meet those those needs.


Teaching students how they best learn, what their brains need to learn and communicate is our ultimate goal. We accomplish this pivotal task, of course, by exploring each student's individual neurology through reading, writing, and oral language tasks.



  • Therapeutic level academic tutoring (reading, writing, spelling, math)

    • Private Family Pay ​

    • Public School District Contract

    • Private School Contract

  • Consultation services for parent, teacher or admin training regarding:

    • Neurological development of language, reading and writing

    • Science-supported teaching methods related to language (reading, writing, spelling) 

  • Homework help for middle, high, and collegiate levels in reading and writing

  • Executive function coaching with school-related tasks

  • Drop-in lessons for writing (typically reserved for previous middle and high school students)
    Drop-in lesson FAQ  — this is a transitional option for previous students​

Meredith MacKenzie
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