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Grateful Mom

”I can not recommend Sarah enough! She was the recipe for my daughter’s success with dyslexia—not only in her academic performance, but also in her overall confidence. Sarah is warm and loving yet has specific expectations for her students. My daughter always looked forward to her sessions with Sarah and over time, we noticed the confidence in her ability started to grow. Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable and we will forever be grateful for the lifelong tools she provided our daughter. Our daughter is prepared for higher grade levels and knows how to continue her success once her tutoring journey comes to an end. Sarah is truly a treasure and our family can not recommend her high enough.”

Brian H. PES helped us all!

"My children and myself all struggle with dyslexia. Prior to working with Sarah at Pinnacle Education Services (PES) my children were struggling at school and I was struggling to meet the writing requirements at work. My daughter is a junior and her GPS went from ~3.0 to 3.83 the semester after receiving tutoring from Sarah. My son, 7th grade, is better able to keep up and is more confident and happy. As for me, my writing now meets the requirements. The impact of PES on our family is immense!"

Thrilled Parent

"Sarah Fish is our reading and writing coach extraordinaire! My daughter Courtney met with Miss. Sarah for three years, beginning in second grade, after being diagnosed with dyslexia, anxiety and ADHD. Courtney is bright, but reading was a struggle. Court didn’t believe in her own ability to read well, and as a parent that was heartbreaking. Despite wonderful elementary school teachers and our effort at home, we knew we needed additional help to support Courtney. Thankfully we found Miss Sarah! Courtney was apprehensive about meeting with someone new, but Sarah spent time learning about her so they could connect. Before long Courtney looked forward to her time with Sarah…and learning to read!"

Courtney, Student

This is what Courtney has to say about their time together: "Being with Miss Sarah felt like being with a friend. I was excited to see her, and it didn't feel like going to school. When she was teaching me, it felt like she had lots of confidence in me. I knew if I kept trying, she'd help me figure out how to read. She taught me a lot of tricks to make reading easier, and she did it with a lot of games. We laughed a lot! Sarah helped me find my favorite books, The Land of Stories, and soon I was excited to read them. A year after I started meeting with Miss Sarah I could read above my grade level! Then we moved on to spelling and writing, and because Sarah taught me to read I knew she'd teach me how to spell and write well too! Now that my tutoring has ended with Sarah it's hard not seeing her twice a week but I know she'll be there for me if I need her again. I miss her smile, but every time I see a Now and Later piece of candy I think of her!"

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